Lovely Lisbon

One of my program-sponsored trips was to the capital of Portugal; Lisbon. Though I have never been to the West Coast of the U.S., from what fellow students said that either live there or have visited San Francisco, this Portuguese city has some resemblances to the Californian city, including a suspension bridge and trolleys. Also inspired by Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, the city has a statue of Jesus looking over the city from the other side of the bridge. These two structures together give Lisbon a unique city view.

The weekend spent in Portugal, that went by much too quickly, was a weekend full of beautiful views, delicious seafood, sunny weather, and fascinating architecture. I would love to revisit this city, one weekend just wasn’t enough.


Jeronimos monastery where Portuguese explorer Vasco de Gama lies. DSC_0400DSC_0404DSC_0421DSC_0438DSC_0441
We went for a thirty minute train ride to a town near Lisbon called Sintra,  which is the location of a few castles. We explored the Palacio de Pena, with all it’s bright colors and unique shapes.IMG_5994IMG_6028IMG_6008IMG_6003IMG_5995

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