Amsterdam, that interesting little city in The Netherlands

For a very walkable and relatively small city, it is more eclectic than most.From a church in the center of the Red Light District to coffee shops that don’t specialize in coffee, Amsterdam is unlike anywhere else. As you probably know, many things are legal in this city and since this is the way, it is all very casual. While one doesn’t need to partake, these things should be taken seriously such as any business. Meanwhile, the city as a whole is very quaint with its narrow buildings, large windows, and probably more bike riders than car drivers. It always makes for an interesting walk no matter which direction you go.

Central station where our journey started. IMG_5440
Amsterdam has over a thousand little bridges to cross all of its canals. IMG_5332IMG_5182
The flower market, love all of the colors.IMG_5171
Cute little cacti.IMG_5174IMG_5176IMG_5170
Supposedly people used to be taxed on the width of their house front which explains the narrow facades. Look closely at this one. No you’re not imagining it, that house is just not straight. Many of the narrow buildings were like this, a bit unsettling but at least they have each other to lean on.IMG_5329IMG_5317
Van Gogh was from The Netherlands, so a visit to the museum was a must.IMG_5307IMG_5206
Many of the “boats” on the water are actually houseboats. IMG_5188
Heineken was also born in the Netherlands, so why not? IMG_5353IMG_5383IMG_5401
The city square.DSC_0025DSC_0026IMG_5422IMG_5429
It was here in Amsterdam that Anne Frank hid with family for two years during World War II. The first floor a warehouse for her father’s business, second an office, third and fourth the living areas for the 9 people in hiding. Unfortunately no pictures were permitted, but going through the house definitely provided a deeper understanding of her diary.DSC_0011DSC_0013DSC_0994
Love the pretty Dutch architecture around the city.DSC_0029IMG_5435
Flying pins. That’s a strike!DSC_0037

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