All Things Belgian

Of course, waffles and chocolate may come to mind as some sweet Belgian food. But so are sausages, mashed potatoes, and mussels. And contrary to their namesake in the States, fries or frites hail from Belgium as well. Probably best not to go asking for french fries here.

 First meal since landing in flemish country; warm, savory Flemish stew. Accompanied by the abbey beer, Leffe and some frites. IMG_4656
Mussels for dinner in a white wine sauce, and Grimbergen dubbel beer.IMG_5084IMG_4839
Frites, frites, and more frites. They have a variety of mayo based sauces to accompany them.IMG_5082
A typical dish of sausage and mashed potatoes with vegetables.IMG_5088
These meatballs were delish. IMG_4942
Waffles! A bit touristy with all the sweet stuff on top but delish!IMG_4882
The golden ticket. All the heavenly, creamy, chocolate one could ask for. Irresistible.IMG_4717

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