Southern Spain: My first weeks in Sevilla

When I first entered the city I knew I had made a great choice. The city is infused with warm colors: deep reds, whites, yellows, oranges (quite literally), and peaches, with the contrast of bright greens from the abundance of different greenery, such as orange and palm trees. It has been warm, in the 60s and 70s for the most part with the exception of a couple of 40 degree days and rain is an anomaly – which is fine by me. As I explored the city the first day, I was very happy that I would be living here the next couple of months. There is a variety of things to do and see and the city is a great size. Sevilla is broken into about five different areas with El Centro being the city center. El Centro is where I am staying with a host family and roommate, in an apartment near the Quadalquivir river. My host family is a retired couple in their 60’s with a daughter and son who are grown. They are very nice and the food my host mom makes is always tasty.

School started last week and as I was initially only going to pursue four classes since that is the suggested amount but…I will take five because out of those, one is a wine class and one is a cuisine class. So I absolutely cannot ignore those options. I mean, come on, those are classes?! YESS, I must! My schedule looks like this:

Mondays/Wednesdays: El vino en España (high advanced Spanish, I shall struggle but I shall learn about the grape), Art class, and Spanish cuisine.

Tuesdays/Thursdays: Cinema (In Spanish), History of Spain (In Spanish).

The classes are interesting and hearing another language all the time, makes me constantly use a part of my brain actively that I have not had to exercise this much. It hurts! I’ve noticed that it is very crucial to pay full attention and have this part of the brain on when listening, because if it isn’t completely on it’s very difficult to catch what is being said. For instance,  when I’m tired or have been speaking English most recently, words are hard to catch. Some other students have talked about the same feeling. Also it’s quite a challenge to think of how to say things correctly and immediately during a conversation, so I’m sure my grammar is about as mixed up as alphabet soup, so a step at a time. By the end of my time in Spain, I hope for a better understanding and a larger Spanish vocabulary.

Today I will take you with me on my walk to school. Spaniards walk everywhere. An hour walk? No problem. My legs are learning, hopefully they’ll speak for themselves when the semester is over. That is, if the bread eating doesn’t counteract the walking. Walking is also a great chance to see the city, the scenery, the locals, and all the little pieces that make up the lovely city of Sevilla.

View from my bedroom in my homestay. DSC_0299DSC_0296
The streets I walk down on my way to school.DSC_0294DSC_0288DSC_0292DSC_0291
The Catedral de Sevilla, the biggest cathedral in Spain and one of the largest ones in Europe.DSC_0211DSC_0216DSC_0215DSC_0201
Puerta de Jerez.DSC_0183DSC_0199DSC_0187DSC_0190
And we have arrived at the Universidad de Sevilla, a refurbished 500 year old tobacco plant, where I will study for the next couple months.DSC_0192DSC_0194



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