Exploring a piece of north-western Spain: A Coruña

While staying in A Coruña with family I had never met prior, not only did they welcome me with open arms but I was seeing different things constantly, whether that be family members or different parts of the area. Although I only stayed about 4 full days with them, each day was full of new encounters.

My first day was spent close to the house, we went into town to go to the market and look around. This church was right next to the market. We also stopped in a cafe mid-morning for café con leche. DSC_0692DSC_0699.JPGDSC_0696
Other days were spent seeing different parts of the province, including this boardwalk next to the beach. We had lunch close to here, in San Isidro. DSC_0794DSC_0741DSC_0736
Later that day we went to a bigger downtown area. This is where we saw the Breogán statue and the Torre de Hercules, which is the only Roman constructed lighthouse of its time that is still functioning. Sure enough when we were near the boardwalk later that night you could see the light emanating to the right of the city. DSC_0811DSC_0813DSC_0820DSC_0826DSC_0840
After a good leg workout, we made it to the top of the tower. The views were incredible. DSC_0830DSC_0829DSC_0838DSC_0834
The boardwalk on the side of the large downtown area. DSC_0855
Some quirky lights on the road by the water.DSC_0852DSC_0865
With the exception of some brand name stores, many stores are named exactly what they are and the -IA typically signifies that. For example: joyeria is a jewelry store, jamoneria is a ham store, zapateria a shoe store and so on, it makes so much sense. DSC_0868.JPGDSC_0873DSC_0870DSC_0885DSC_0869
The park in the center of this area had a functioning garden clock accompanied by the date in Gallego.DSC_0890DSC_0892DSC_0877
This downtown area is the home of the beautiful Plaza de Maria Pita, the building was built to honor the heroine, Maria Pita, of Galicia from the 1500’s that guarded the province against the English Armada. DSC_0880

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