My first week in Europe: A Coruña, Spain

¡Hola! At the beginning of the week, I arrived in the Santiago de Compostela airport in Galicia, a region in the north of Spain. I have been so excited for this trip yet leaving what you know to go somewhere by yourself across an ocean creates strange feelings. I woke up a couple of times this week having forgotten that I was here, which made me very disoriented. It’s uncomfortable to feel like an outsider. And I’m frustrated that my conversation skills are so lacking (how had I managed to pass those Spanish classes in school, that should have been illegal, I’m terrible). It hasn’t set in that I’m actually here or that I will be here for the next couple of months, right now it just feels like a vivid, short-lived dream. Anyhow, here I am. I slipped in the bathroom the other day so I suppose it’s real – I can’t be clumsy in my dreams too.

Before my program starts in Sevilla, I wanted to come here to meet some of my grandma’s side of the family that lives in A Coruña which is one of the four provinces, or las provincias, of Galicia.  Here it is common for people to speak both Castellano and the distinct language of Galicia: Gallego.

This is the house I’m staying in this week while in A Coruña. DSC_0700
Their dogs Torco, on the right, and on the left Lua, which means moon in Gallego.DSC_0703
Some views from the house. DSC_0681DSC_0679
This part is mostly rural so many people have animals. These cows or las vacas must have known I was taking a picture, they looked right at me. 🙂DSC_0724

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